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Document how we will process and share results of the light engagement satisfaction surveys
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After we have a survey drafted, we should come up with a plan for how it will be processed. We think we can borrow heavily from the existing TPG CSAT processing documentation.

We also need to decide with whom, and via what channel(s), the results should be shared/published.

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@ggellerman: Since T133582: Define a rollout plan for measuring TPG light engagements in Q1 defines the actual rollout plan, I don't think this task has to go into great detail about batch sizes or frequency. I would like it to cover how each individual received response would be tracked and recorded. And then what analysis would be performed on some arbitrary batch of them.


If we use the same form for all respondents, then the responses will go into a single spreadsheet which could be analyzed along the lines of what we have done for quarterly CSATs:

The forms could be batched by the cadence of analysis, or we could use a single, constant form and move responses from previous months, quarters- whatever analysis cadence we use- into other tabs.

In 2016-06-23 TPG Staff meeting, we agreed that it would make more sense to figure out how we'll analyze and share the data closer to when we have actual data.