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ALTER TABLE ... CHANGE ... syntax blocks installation or update on SQLite
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Commits 873cbbca3e61 and 1a5e4802 introduced database update instructions preventing Flow installation or update on SQLite:

In extensions/Flow/db_patches/patch-ref_target_not_null.sql:

Query: ALTER TABLE flow_ext_ref CHANGE ref_target ref_target BLOB NOT NULL

Error: 1 near "CHANGE": syntax error

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Dereckson renamed this task from Can't install Flow on SQLite to ALTER TABLE ... CHANGE ... syntax blocks installation or update on SQLite.Jun 21 2016, 4:06 PM
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SQLite doesn't have the ALTER CHANGE statement (or any other way to mutate a column type)

What do we have as solutions?

1. Suggest a manual update

Provide manual instructions to site administrators, so they can choose the best method suitable.

In some case for example, we can rewrite the SQL schema: (but not sure for the blob type)

2. Use a temporary table

Jaime suggests if we really want to support that, as the worst case scenario to use a temporary table: CREATE; INSERT...SELECT; DROP; RENAME;

3. Make a statement the extension doesn't support SQLite.

The extension is intended to environments with multiple users to discuss together

Such environments tend to use MySQL, not SQLite.

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Unfortunately, we will not be able to support SQLite for installation of Structured Discussions, since that is a relatively infrequent use case. We are going to document on that SQLite is not supported.