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Replace deprecated Windows 8/8.1 app in the store with a new one
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On a mobile-related talk page, user WikiLeon said regarding mobile Windows "I noticed the app has been deprecated since 4 months ago. I think it's time for WMF to take it off the Windows Store," [1]

That spawned an email thread, in which Brion said "I dug up the last mails from Raj & co at Microsoft, from about 4 weeks ago; they have a demo Win10 app that wraps the Wikipedia mobile interface in a web view that's fairly pretty, with an integrated back button. I tested it briefly on desktop/tablet, but it should work on phone as well if I understand how this stuff works."

And Toby followed with "We actually have a plan to publish the new app with WP Cascadia! ... Make sure to specify [in the phab task] Microsoft wrote the app. We agreed with them that we couldn't own it. "

Adam suggested that I create the task in the Reading-Admin project, so I have. And with that, I will leave y'all to it. You know better than me what steps should actually be taking to resolve this situation.


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For reference, the current Win8/8.1 Wikipedia app in the Windows Store is owned under '', with app id 9WZDNCRFHWM4.

I can set up a replacement 'in-place' so Win10 users who have the old one get auto-upgraded, or we can figure out how to transfer the ownership, or I can transfer credentials for the account, or close it out, or whatever the plan is.

Note there is no Windows Mobile app at present, only a Windows 8/8.1 one.

brooke renamed this task from Replace deprecated Windows Mobile app in the store with a new one to Replace deprecated Windows 8/8.1 app in the store with a new one.Jun 21 2016, 6:00 PM

Twitter recently updated their Microsoft Store app with a web wrapper. What are your thoughts about doing the same thing with the Windows app?

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