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Devise migration plan for kibana dashboards to version 4
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Kibana 4 is a complete rewrite from version 3 that we currently use. As part of this the format for dashboards is completely different and there are no migration scripts available. Devise a plan for how we can deal with this. See

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Even rebuilding the dashboards shouldn't be a horrible task. Most of the dashboards that are well advertised follow a common template. We might be able to figure out how to script a migration for our specific uses once we know what changes are needed. At some point in the distant past I played with Kibana4 by running it locally on my laptop with an ssh tunnel to get to the Elasticsearch cluster. I can make some time to try to set that up again and figure out what the dashboard config changes might look like.

Of note, it seems kibana 4 has removed the 'trends' panel we are using in some dashboards. There are plans to revive something like it, but it has not been done yet.

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After consideration, I don't think we are really going to have a migration plan. Will dump out the dashboards created on beta cluster and import them to prod, leaving the other dashboards to be recreated by the people that need them.

Maybe we should poke everyone to make sure their favorite dashboards are up and running on the beta cluster before the cutover?