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Investigate Civi Load Time issue
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The Civi homepage takes a really long time to load. Up to 37 seconds on any given morning, and as long as 3 minutes in the mid to late afternoon. (All times Pacific). Can we look into why, and see about a fix? I would categorize this as a repeated annoyance, and a barrier to adoption by new staff/new users.

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I hit a 13 second delay on staging today and the query was per

I'm pulling this into the sprint since I did a fix for that query, but I think we should do QA against the upstream PR

& once someone approves (ie. comments to say if looks all good for wmf) then I can do a gerrit on our repo (& self-approve that). I think this is the way we should start to do Civi QA going forwards to reduce double up work - the added bonus being maybe a non-WMF person will do the QA for us.

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Email to frtech on this

Hi all,

As you know Caitlin et al have complained about the time it takes to get into CiviCRM the first time each day. (

I believe the reason is that CiviCRM is doing it’s ping back.

Basically it reports back to the mother ship various information:

  • unique hash (for anonymisation although really we could be easily picked out by looking at other things)
  • CMS
  • language
  • default country
  • CiviCRM version
  • PHP version
  • Mysql version
  • communityMessagesUrl (this is the dashlet that shows blogs etc and can be changed to point to something else - e.g our own messages, dash, whatever)
  • types of payment processors in use
  • number of contacts, contributions, activities, & some other entities we don’t use much in the DB
  • extensions being used including version

To address the performance side of this we have 2 options

  1. hack the ping backs out
  2. schedule a cron to do them at a more convenient time (it won’t do ping backs during user session if the cron is running & working)

In terms of how the information is used by CiviCRM it basically falls into 2 categories

  1. Marketing - CivCRM regularly publishes figures of the composite number of contacts, contributions etc managed by CIviCRM software, as well as the total number if instances
  2. Decisions
    • can we ditch php 5.3 yet?
    • is this payment processor still being used or can it be removed from core
    • is this extension every used with that language or can we put that problem on the back burner
    • are large sites using this extension

While I have some reservations about the fact there is no longer an opt out from WMF’s point of view I have a couple of notes

  1. They aren’t really gathering any info that we don’t publish in one form or another
  2. I have some doubts that they filter out staging sites - so they might be double reporting us
  3. Actually the cron will enable by default on this screen once we upgrade to 4.7 - so it’s a question of do we want to DISABLE it
  4. This is kind of an addendum to 2 - since we don’t run cron on staging unless we resolve making sure it doesn’t run on staging it might still be slow on staging. There is a ticket that kind of relates
  5. I did identify one unnecessary point of slowness

From here

  • If we are happy about the stats nothing needs to be done at this stage, upgrading to 4.7 will improve this on live but not on staging without intervention. I may need to follow up slowness on staging (which does not run the cron)
  • If we are not happy I need to hack it out somehow


Some questions how this will work on live with proxy - let's see after the deploy

The deploy definitely did not improve this so I will dig into why

I think this is the reason why it didn't improve on upgrade

Hopefully I can get some feedback on that in the next day or 2. Otherwise I think we might just deploy that patch to our live since it can't really make it worse

OK - it seems that

  1. it's intentional that if the cron is enabled & the versionCheck fails it falls back to a poor man's cron (the slooooowww situation)
  2. the logic seems to fail to kick in if versionCheck cron task is disabled
  3. so I've disabled the scheduled job - lets see if that is better tomorrow

NB if that does speed it up it's not a permanent fix - it's just taking advantage of someone's mistake but hopefully when they fix it they will do it in a way that doesn't hurt us

@RLewis @LeanneS Eileen has made some changes that may temporarily make Civi load faster. Can you let us know if you notice a difference?

After some discussion it seems that turning off the scheduled job is the right fix & should keep working - however unintuitive I found it!

Change 301023 had a related patch set uploaded (by Eileen):
Hack out version & extension checks.

Change 301023 merged by jenkins-bot:
Hack out version & extension checks.

@CaitVirtue can we close this out? I think there is still a lag resolving certificates but the big lag is much better now

@yeah, i guess. It's better but still could be improved. not sure how to include that in the backlog?

Shall we add a second ticket & close this? I tried just now & I experienced a small delay loading the page in the first place but no noticeable delay actually logging in. It seemed a bit less of a delay than I had noticed on other occasions - which makes me wonder if there is something else involved.

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Change 410381 had a related patch set uploaded (by Eileen; owner: Eileen):
[wikimedia/fundraising/crm/civicrm@master] Hack out version & extension checks.

Change 410381 merged by jenkins-bot:
[wikimedia/fundraising/crm/civicrm@master] Hack out version & extension checks.