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Wikipedia Portal Dashboard: filter out requests for 'search-redirect.php'
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Due to research done here - it appears that a vast majority of the traffic to Wikipedia Portal (that is being redirected from the Wikipedia Portal) is specifically using search-redirect.php.

We need to adjust the Portal dashboard data collection scripts to filter out these requests to search-redirect.php, as indicated by this data:

2016-06-20otherWikipedia Portal1381850.151
2016-06-20search-redirect.phpWikipedia Portal5699280.621

Here's the Hive query that @mpopov used (for future reference):

ADD JAR /home/bearloga/Code/analytics-refinery-jars/refinery-hive.jar;
CREATE TEMPORARY FUNCTION classify_referrer AS '';
USE wmf;
SELECT request, referrer, COUNT(1) AS requests
  CASE WHEN referer RLIKE('^(https?://www\.)?wikipedia\.org/+search-redirect\.php\??.*') THEN 'search-redirect.php'
       WHEN referer RLIKE('^(https?://(www\.)?)?wikipedia\.org.*$') THEN 'Wikipedia Portal'
       ELSE 'other' END AS referrer,
  CASE WHEN uri_path = '/search-redirect.php' THEN 'search-redirect.php'
       ELSE 'other' END AS request
  FROM webrequest
  WHERE year = 2016 AND month = 06 AND day = 20  
    AND webrequest_source = 'text'
    AND content_type RLIKE('^text/html')
    AND uri_host RLIKE('^(www\.)?*$')
    AND classify_referrer(referer) IN ('internal', 'external', 'unknown')
    AND NOT (referer RLIKE('^http://localhost'))
) AS refined_webrequests
GROUP BY request, referrer;

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Change 295739 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bearloga):
Filter out search-redirect.php requests

Change 295739 merged by Bearloga:
Filter out search-redirect.php requests

Patch up. Erased pageviews and referer data from 1 May 2016. Backfilling now sans search-redirect.php requests; will make a note of the drop(s) on the dashboard.

debt added a comment.Jun 23 2016, 7:09 PM

Cool and thanks! Looking forward to seeing the note on the dashboard and the *new* results!

Change 295750 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bearloga):
Note search-redirect.php filtering

Change 295750 merged by Bearloga:
Note search-redirect.php filtering

Change 295753 had a related patch set uploaded (by Bearloga):

Change 295753 merged by Bearloga: