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Nova_Resource:Puppet.privpol-captcha.eqiad.wmflabs will not go away
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The instance has gone away, but not that page, no matter how much I purge it.
IRC log:
[22:48:02] <tom29739> I've deleted Nova_Resource:Puppet.privpol-captcha.eqiad.wmflabs but it still shows up.
[22:48:43] <bd808> I see 5 instances for the privpol-captcha project at
[22:48:51] <tom29739> I see them now.
[22:49:34] <tom29739> On here, it shows 6, no matter how much I purge it:
[22:51:52] <bd808> tom29739: that's weird. The instance page still exists but it's not showing in the wikitech or horizon dashboards for me
[22:52:11] <bd808> it's like it got half cleaned up
[22:52:24] <bd808> maybe just the SMW data is left laying around?
[22:52:43] <tom29739> I terminated the instance in horizon.
[22:53:19] <tom29739> I terminated a couple other instances too, and they went away properly.
[22:53:41] <bd808> Id' say open a bug about it and then just get on with your life. :)
[22:54:34] <bd808> I'm sort of amazed you were allowed to make a host with the name "puppet"
[22:56:10] <tom29739> I made it by mistake.
[22:56:32] <tom29739> I thought it would append the project name on the end, but it didn't :D
[22:56:58] <bd808> yeah. the dns setup is a bit goofy
[22:57:26] <bd808> the really confusing thing is that the project name part of the dns name is optional.
[22:58:37] <bd808> captcha-web-2.eqiad.wmflabs. == captcha-web-2.privpol-captcha.eqiad.wmflabs.

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tom29739 created this task.Jun 22 2016, 3:25 PM
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I always thought that with the migration to Horizon there was a hook (?) that triggered the deletion of the corresponding wiki page, but looking at modules/openstack I don't see anything obvious. @Andrew, was that (or something else) ever implemented?

For the specific problem in this task, I think manually deleting the page should cause SMW to update its database.

Andrew closed this task as Resolved.Jun 23 2016, 8:57 AM
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There is, indeed, a hook, deep in the guts of designate-sink. I just tested this, and it worked fine for me:

So... I don't know why that particular page didn't get deleted. The Designate people seem generally convinced that sink leaks things and that the model in Kilo is inherently broken; it's redesigned in Mitaka so I haven't spent much time trying to hunt down the specific cause.

I've deleted the particular page in question; the SMW report should update later in the day.