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Create agenda outline for 2016 RelEng team offsite
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Reminder: look back at outcomes and goals from last year's offsite and evaluate them.

(Proposed) Topics to cover:



Event Timeline

Obvious things:

  • explicit hacking time
  • excursion (half)day

Draft thinking (as I understand it):

  • Future of CI (1.5 units)
  • Team yearly retrospective (1 unit)
  • Work process discussion/alignment (1 unit)
  • Teambuilding excursion (.5 unit)
  • Hacking/unstructured discussion time (?? units)

The "units" are abstract portions of a day, included here to give relative time estimates for the different topics.

@greg: Let me know how much of the detailed planning you want me involved with. From my perspective, you're still the lead on that.

Drafting over in for now (probably will migrate to a gdoc later, as we'll have other assets to keep in a gdoc folder (pictures etc))

greg claimed this task.

Done, though the agenda will be in flux even during the event, of course.