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Split opera mini in proxy or turbo mode
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Opera Mini sends different user agent if it's in Mini or Turbo mode and UC Mini has a little different user agent than the rest of the UC browser.See:

Break up the stats for Opera Mobile so that we could have mini with "mini data savings" in one bucket and the same with UC mini. It's the same browser family but the behavior is totally different. If we can do that, it will make it easier to see if our changes will have impact

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Hello! I just wanted to check in on this one as I see the timeline has changed. This is really useful data from the New Readers perspective as we're looking at reaching readers who are coming in through proxy browsers. We need to have an understanding of browser share to prioritize features that don't rely on javascript and partnerships that are cognizant of proxy browsers.

@atgo: sorry we had to move it back. FYI that this work needs to happen on ua-parser an open source project we benefit from, other than updating software there is no work on the analytics stack, if it is a big priority maybe a developer on reading can do the pull request?

We use UA parser in both python and java

Some reference items as I start reading up:

  • Opera Mini UA strings.
  • Latest Opera Mini versions: 32.0.2254.123747 (Android, 2018-01-05), 16.0.7 (iOS, 2017-12-18)

@Nuria and @atgo: the breakdown I think we want is into type (standard, proxy and remote), brand (Opera, UC) and edition (standard, mini), so 12 combinations total in theory (tough I think it's sparse: Opera forums mention proxy mode can't be disabled in Mini). Can you please confirm?

Do we have a larger recent sample of these headers in the wild? Just need a more recent reference for tests since the current test file is from 2015.

Just need a more recent reference for tests since the current test file is from 2015.

Could we use the publicly available user agent docs for opera? since this change only applies to opera there is no need to update all test strings (we can do this at a later time)

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A good first task is a self-contained, non-controversial task with a clear approach. It should be well-described with pointers to help a completely new contributor. Given the current short task description (no information which code repository this is about) I'm removing the good first task tag. Please add details what exactly has to happen where and how for a new contributor, and then add back the good first task project tag. Thanks a lot in advance!

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