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Create a survey about MediaWiki usage
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Last year, we conducted a survey about the usage of MediaWiki. We need to do a follow up survey this time.

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Some ideas about potential goals, as discused with @MarkAHershberger, @80686 and myself:

  • Identify low hanging fruits in MediaWiki development
  • Quantitative measurement of the size of non WM community (market share)
  • Movements: update, move aways, new installations
  • Demographics?
  • Information on how to tailor the release process
  • Main pain points
  • Recruiting more developers
  • Make the stakeholders group known more widely

Adding CKoerner and Edward Galvez to follow the progress of this

Here are 7 questions (directed at an organization's wiki super-user/promoter/advocate/initiator) in whose answers I would be interested in view of promoting SMW as an enterprise knowledge management system.

  1. Why did you choose MediaWiki over a simple file-system/Microsoft-Office approach?
  2. Why did you choose MediaWiki over a competing system like Confluence, SharePoint, FileMaker or some other wiki system?
  3. What reactions (and problems, if any), did you encounter until your relevant superior decision takers approved investing in MediaWiki?
  4. What reactions (and problems, if any), did you encounter until your relevant subordinates/colleagues had turned into intrinsically motivated and aptly skilled MediaWiki users?
  5. Imagine your organization's wikis as trains. Trains need to be kept clean and maintained in order to be effective and efficient. So do your wikis. Who assumes these tasks in/for your organization? (e.g. usage instructions, backup, update, template design, configuration, cleaning and consolidating data, etc.)
  6. Is your organization obliged to record a complete chain of evidence about data provenance and revision ("subject to compliance")?
  7. Imagine a new employee joins your organization and the only source of explanatory information she has available are your wikis (instead of a mentor, a boss or colleagues). To what extent would the wikis be capable to familiarize her with the aspects relevant to her job description and/or mission statement?

@Lex I've been talking with the educator behind I'd love get his testimonial for MW into the record. Do we just start with these? Where should I record the answers? A form on a wiki would be good, don't you think?

I would suggest focusing on goals before diving into the questions for the interviews. I am happy to help review anything; just shoot me an email. I will need at least 3 days to review anything. Thanks!

cicalese triaged this task as Medium priority.

The survey discussed here, did not know about it or forgot about it, appears to be geared towards system administrators and operators while "our" survey is geared towards end users.