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Provide a way to show notifications to mobile users comparable to Sitenotice/annonnotice
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Currently, the only notifications shown to mobile users (of the website) are the ones from CentralNotice, which are not always appropriate for mobile screens. We should have a way to display notifications to mobile users that are:

  • configurable from the wikis
  • configurable per period, signed/anon users, geolocated
  • appropriate for small screens (not sure what that would mean exactly, but I'm thinking: fixed-size images, hard limit on the number of characters, no flashy borders etc)

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Jdlrobson subscribed.

This is out of the scope of what MobileFrontend does.

The mobile skin is the Minerva skin so if you can target notices on a skin basis you'd be able to do this. Alternatively whatever renders notices could take into account screen resolution.

JMinor added subscribers: DStrine, JMinor.

Added CentralNotice, as @DStrine is currently surveying stakeholder needs around site notices, and this might be useful for his requirements gathering.

Just to be clear, this refers only to banners shown "on site", correct? Not support for mobile push notifications? Thats cool too, just a separate project...

We want to show the Sitenotice/annonnotice, which is available on the desktop site, on mobile site. Is it possible now?

I gathered opinions from other users in Korean Wikipedia's Village Pump. (위키백과:사랑방_(일반)/2017년_제28주#.EC.82.AC.EC.9D.B4.ED.8A.B8_.EB.85.B8.ED.8B.B0.EC.8A.A4 ) Six users supported the change of the setting. There is no opposite opinion.

Currently, we are voting for a new administrator, but mobile user cannot realize the voting is under way, because they cannot read the site notice on the mobile site.

MinervaNeue has a config flag $wgMinervaEnableSiteNotice - it defaults to false.

It's false because most site notices are not been tested on the mobile skin and thus have a negative impact on our readers. I think a better mechanism is needed for targeting mobile users to do this properly. I'd recommend investment of time in QuickSurveys or updates to MediaWiki-extensions-CentralNotice to make it easier for editors to send appropriate and nicely rendering notices to mobile. Alternatively this might be a Readers-Community-Engagement exercise to provide some guidelines on how site notices should be made in such a way they are effective without destroying the reading experience, cc @Nirzar who I know will have opinions and thoughts on these challenges.

We need faster change. Korean Wikipedia's active users are declining faster than we expected, although Korean Wikipedia's total page views have not changed so much. Central notice is slow and limited. Korean Wikipedians think this situation is a significant crisis. See more at위키백과:사랑방_(전체)#.EB.8D.94_.EB.8A.A6.EA.B8.B0_.EC.A0.84.EC.97.90_.EC.9D.B4.EA.B1.B8_.EB.B3.B5.EA.B8.B0.ED.95.B4.EC.95.BC_.ED.95.98.EC.A7.80_.EC.95.8A.EC.9D.84.EA.B9.8C

Totally agree with @MotokoCK, whatever path is taken, we would very much like to see this happen fast. More and more users are now going mobile and missing on many announcements from the community. I don't think the requests of ro.wp have changed since I logged this bug. We still need something with the capabilities of Central notice, but configurable locally and which doesn't look like a banner.

@Jdlrobson, I'm lost by all the different mobile skin names. If we request the activation of $wgMinervaEnableSiteNotice now, will it work? Could you give us a link to the docs? Thanks.

We are seeing the significant number of participants in the administrator voting declined. Forming a census via Sitenotice is at risk, now. Moreover, participants of the last year's annual conference in South Korea was decreased, compared to the conference in 2015. We need to move forward faster.