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Cannot read property 'badrevids' of undefined
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After requesting a workset in the labeling gadget on huwiki I get Could not parse MediaWiki API's response: TypeError: Cannot read property 'badrevids' of undefined.

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There is a bunch of identical AJAX requests in the background with action:query, prop:revisions, rvprop:ids|parsedcomment but no page name or ID.

The problem is caused by the label service returning messed-up responses: should return a JSON object with r['tasks'][n]['data']['rev_id'] set but it's instead r['tasks'][n]['data']['rev_id\tneeds_review\treason'].

From the code of wiki-labels, I'm guessing the database has been corrupted by a load_tasks run with malformed data.

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There was an error while importing data for huwiki. It's fixed now.