"Next" button disappears periodically when user tries to proceed with submitting a (source) edit on mobile web
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During editing an article on mobile web, once a user begins editing a section where text is longer than mobile view, the "Next" button along with the entire top edit toolbar disappears.

Bug found on:

  • Chrome app
  • iPhone 6S Plus, v9.3.2

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open an article with a long section of content (eg., a featured article) on mobile in Chrome browser (mobile view)
  2. Tap on the edit icon in a section of content that is long enough to require scrolling to view in entirety.
  3. Scroll slightly and start making an edit on the section (using source editing mode).

The user is able to select "Next" in the top right of a sticky top toolbar in the browser.

"Next" button and entire top edit toolbar disappears.

User in edit mode starts scrolling
no toolbar after editing