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2 servers for maps-beta cluster
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Discussion started on T138352 to have a beta cluster for maps. Short summary (see T138352 for details). Hardware specifics are discussed here.

A baremetal labs cluster is probably the best solution for maps-beta. This means:

2 servers with specs similar to maps200* servers:

  • 12 core hyperthreaded
  • 128 Go RAM
  • 2x 1To SSD (unless we don't want RAID)

maps-test2* servers will be decommissioned shortly and would fit, expect they are in the wrong DC (sofar, labs => eqiad).

Note: this isn't a final request yet, some discussion still needs to happen, at least to understand what are the requirements to put in place baremetal lab instances. I'm unsure in which order those things need to be discussed / need to happen, so let me know.

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This doesn't state where the maps server being requested should reside, codfw or eqiad. Existing are maps-test2XXX, in codfw.

Please advise.

The location is actually one of the question that needs to be answered. Those should be labs servers on physical hardware, so this indicates eqiad more than codfw. I have been told that we have plans to host labs machines in codfw as well, so that might be an option, but it needs to be confirmed.

fgiunchedi triaged this task as Medium priority.Jul 15 2016, 2:56 PM
Gehel claimed this task.

Maps servers are in place. Initial configuration is tracked by T138092. Closing this.

Oops, I mixed up requests. The maps-beta cluster is not yet ready and discussion still needs to happen.

We should at least try to run this cluster on labs VMs to get real numbers and see if that is a performance limitation or not.

We will try first to setup a maps beta cluster on labs VMs, which should not be an issue. I will re-open this task should the VM experiment fail, but we most probably don't need physical hardware at this point.