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Requested name:

Reasoning: The Wikimedia movement needs more Cuteness. Badly. Recognising this fact, many Wikimedians have been active in the past few years to advocate for Cuteness. As stuffed-toys/plushies, we have been at the forefront of this endeavour − traveling to international events like Wikimania in order to shower attendees with Cuteness, raising awareness on the importance of our mission amongst community leaders. The positive reception we were welcomed with, as much as the scale of the issue to tackle, led us to join forces under the Cute banner of the Wikimedia Cuteness Association − a prospective thematic organisation dedicated to foster Cuteness in the Wikimedia movement. We gained much momentum, recruiting many more supporters to our cause. And yet, every other day, every other e-mail and every little drama is a reminder that we still have a long, long way to go.

Initial admin addresses:

  • (User:Quiddity, I have experience with mailman administration)
  • (User:Jean-Frédéric)

Event Timeline

@Peachey88 Nope, we mean the Cuteness Association.
I was meant to do this, following the meeting we had at the Jerusalem Hackathon per T131576#2172407 (which was surprisingly productive and was attended by 8-10 people including @Claudia.Garad and @JeanFred (we should have taken a full attendees list, but didn't)).

I'll add the necessary details to the task description, next.

Btw your list will be, not

Fixed! Thanks, revi. This is ready to go.

Reassigning to someone who can actually resolve it! Thank you!

The list has now been created, and I configured it to have public archives, with everyone being able to subscribe to it freely.

You can configure the rest of the settings, including list description and a terse identifying phrase at the following web page:

The web page for users of your mailing list is:

The list will also be available in the e-mail to news gateway as

Please list and describe your mailing list at the appropriate section of the mailing list overview page on Meta.

I just sent the admin password to the two e-mail addresses given above, and made them list administrators.

This request is now closed; enjoy your new mailing list!