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visualeditor loading fails on local vagrant instance
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After enabling visualeditor on a local vagrant instance, trying to edit a page will fail (frozen loading page) with the following error message in the browser console.

Error: Unknown dependency: schema.VET135171
Line 160

Event Timeline

I suppose it would be. Maybe try installing the WikimediaEvents extension, and EventLogging if it isn't installed already?

The offending code is 51dd7907. When EventLogging is not installed, this is a no-op. When EventLogging is installed, it registers an mw.track handler for the event. prefix, which tries to load the given schema, which assumes something registered it. That something is WikimediaEvents, so if that's not installed, VisualEditor will break.

Requiring WikimediaEvents as a hard dependency for VisualEditor (or to be more precise the VisualEditor - EventLogging combination) is not ideal, even when it's done for temporary debugging purposes. IMO the nice approach is to make WikimediaEvents subscribe to wmfevent. events and forward them to EventLogging (it would work just like event. but would be ignored when WikimediaEvents is not installed).

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Alternatively, you could just move the contents of 781b5c99 over to VisualEditor so that WikimediaEvents is not a dependency. That would still break when EventLogging is installed but configured to have some other schema source than Meta, so it's less ideal; but I doubt it would be the only extension to break in that setup.

Change 296172 had a related patch set uploaded (by Gergő Tisza):
Make an alias for events for mw.track

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Change 296172 merged by jenkins-bot:
Make an alias for events for mw.track

I just ran into the same thing. I had roles visualeditor and eventlogging installed, but still, it failed on every page with:

Uncaught Error: Unknown dependency: schema.VET135171

Manually installing the wikimediaevents role fixed it. Is there a patch yet to use the new wikimedia.event. prefix in VisualEditor?