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Error in ContentTranslation = docserver-http: HTTP 400
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please fix this, docserver-http: HTTP 400, this error I found in ContentTranslation in Indonesian Wikipedia, sorry if my english is too bad :'D, thank's for your attention :)

Screenshot :
Problem found when iam was editing Sony Pictures Television (in English version) to Sony Pictures Television (Indonesian Version),

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Thanks for your report. I'm looking into log for more details.

OK. Last one happened on 20160627, can you try again?

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OK, from the screenshot I see that this is Indonesian, and the error is "An error occurred while publishing the translation. Please try to publish the page again. Error: $1", and $1 is docserver-http: HTTP 400, as the description says.

Is this familiar in any way?

Basically this means we got HTTP 400 error (without body it seems) from restbase or parsoid. This should have corresponding errors in the parsoid log if it is about the draft content rather than other kind of outage.

I'll try to follow up on this.

Hmm, I clearly see the errors in EventLogging, for example:

trace: {"servedby":"mw1197","error":{"code":"docserver","info":"docserver-http: HTTP 400","*":"See for API usage"}}
timestamp: 20160720134452

But I cannot find that in logstash. @Nikerabbit, can you find it?

OK, with @Nikerabbit's help I found that the actual error is "Cannot serialize transclusion without or data-parsoid.src.". We'll investigate it further.

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@Alfan.nusantara Sorry for delay. I just checked in the log and this error last happened on 21st August 2016. Can you provide some more details?

  1. Is it still happening (Try to publish article, check if reloading article throws an error).
  1. Is there any Javascript console of the browser. Press Control + Shift + J to open it and observe any error(s). (See: if you're not familiar with it).
  1. Is there anything that can be useful to debug.

detail like what? like screenhot of Javascript in my browser?

detail like what? like screenhot of Javascript in my browser?

Yes please, when you are trying to publish.

@Alfan.nusantara, can you please try the same in another browser, for example Chrome?

How to open JS in chrome, if i press Control + Shift + J, there is a console and then i see a blank page?

Screenshot :

(First, a general comment: @Alfan.nusantara, you can easily upload images to Phabricator by simply dragging the file from your desktop to the comment.)

From these screenshots I can see that it's not a client-side problem, but a server-side error, but I'm still not able to understand what it is. I'll need @santhosh's help.

thank's for your information about simple upload :)

Possibly related to T154116. Being tracked via the new bug now.