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Add support for JPEG 2000 images once it's out of patent
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Author: broken.arrow

Image files with MIME-type image/jpeg2000 are not thumbnailed.

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Both files can be read fine e.g. with Corel Photo-Paint 11.

This may be an imagemagick issue related to the jasper version installed on WMF sites, hence the shell keyword.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: enhancement



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JPEG 2000 files should be uploaded as .jp2 or .j2k, not .jpg or .jpeg, as it's a different format from JPEG/JFIF.

Currently we don't support JPEG 2000 in MediaWiki, so functionality of such files will be hit-or-miss at best. (Nor do most browsers support it.)

Maybe we can render them as jpg using ImageMagick ?

mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

Removed shell keyword as it seems there's nothing to do on shell.

If the software cannot support JPEG 2000 images, why is uploading them permitted? It just confuses users, they think it's their fault that it does not show up.

Also, the image/jp2 mime type is currently not recognized, thus [[MediaWiki:Mediawarning]] is shown on the description page, confusing users even further.

They're not permitted. They have a different file type extension which is not whitelisted, and should be recognized as a different file type which would not be uploadable on a wiki with default or Wikimedia's configuration.

The filtering appears to be a bit lax somewhere, though, since they apparently can get through if you mislabel the file extension.

I took the originally-referenced file and re-uploaded it to test for a sample:

It's being correctly detected as image/jp2, but this shouldn't make it past upload...

I'm closing this in case we really do want to add JPEG 2000 support in the future it can be reopened. :)

Bug 18803 now covers the uploading bug where you can upload the files as .jpg (at which point of course they don't work).

It's very strange that Wiki doesn't support JPEG2000 because it's main format for Internet Archive books scans (note that Wikisources using Commons for books scans).

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The renaming of this task is unhelpful and misleading. "once it's out of patent" should be removed as JP2000 is defined as free to use without restriction, regardless of particular patents. The renaming makes this task unnecessarily permanently unimplementable.

The status of patents for JPEG 2000 seems not well known; eg a few google searches turns up unclear discussions with no specific references. The best I can find is roughly "there do seem to be patents, but the companies said they'd let people use it for free, but there's no formal guarantee, but nobody's got an actual list of the patents and there's no formal licensing agreement".

If there's a strong interest in JPEG 2000 -- such as an institution desiring to share a large number of original files in this format -- then we could probably have WMF Legal do some more thorough research. But historically there's been little demand so far.

Note that files in JPEG 2000 format can always be losslessly converted to PNG or TIFF with LZW compression and uploaded that way, however this will of course make them significantly larger.