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Update VisualEditor user guide
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// is out of date in a few places, both text and screenshots is also an out of date version of the above that probably needs redirecting

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The 'real' User Guide is at

enwiki's copy is usually somewhat out of date. The most out-of-date section is citations. We have three different setups for the Cite button (with nothing/with citation templates/with the citoid service), so writing that section in the central version is a bit of a Choose Your Own Adventure game. (If the button produces a dropdown menu that looks like this, then go here. If the button produces a dialog that looks like this, then go there...)

Shouldn't we remove all these local wiki help pages and redirect everything to MediaWiki wiki?

I don't think there's a plan for that ATM. OTOH, it would be way more efficient to involve more community members to get this going somewhere.

You mean having people who help to create/update the documentation ? AFAK, it never happens (but I'm still young :þ)

As a general principle, I think WMF Product teams should be responsible of keeping the documentation about their projects up to date in They should not be responsible of related documentation in wiki projects.

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I took a quick look at this user guide, and didn't find anything that was out of date. If there's something specific that's out of date, please point it out and I can take another look.