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Error trying to translate SVG: "Fatal error: Call to protected method Intuition::getLangNames()"
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Hey, I want to translate a certain svg file however every time i try to i get this error:

testing File:Planetary transit.svg on Fatal error: Call to protected method Intuition::getLangNames() from context 'SVGtranslate' in /data/project/svgtranslate/public_html/svgtranslate.php on line 395 Call Stack: 0.0039 675248 1. {main}() /data/project/svgtranslate/public_html/index.php:0 0.1270 3318376 2. SVGtranslate->do_step() /data/project/svgtranslate/public_html/index.php:57 0.1270 3318512 3. SVGtranslate->generate_second_form() /data/project/svgtranslate/public_html/svgtranslate.php:781

Thanks in advance

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This is an error in Intuition: the code does not match the spec.
The published specification for Intuition claims a public interface for getLangNames:

A edit in March 2016 changed "public getLangNames" to "protected getLangNames".

See line 661 of

@Glrx I've made it public again and updated the Tool Labs installation. This method was made private in favour of the new getAvailableLangs() method. The problem was that getLangNames() includes many languages that do not have any translations available for the interface. And the main use case of getLangNames() was to create a drowndown menu to change the tool interface language. getAvailableLangs() is better for that purpose.

However, for SVGTranslate you do want to include languages that don't have a translation in the tool interface since its language strings are unrelated.

@Jarry1250 To prevent this in the future, please migrate SVGTranslate to a local Intuition installation through Composer. (read Migrate). This is more secure, more performance. That way, you will also be in control of when you update the Intuition framework code - separate from receiving translation updates.

Right now SVGTranslate uses the (shared) copy of the framework used by the dashboard.

Instructions at Let me know if you need help. Contact me on IRC or by e-mail (see profile).

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Now there is a different problem.
Whenever I try to upload a file i get a "error-filename"

@Mikey641: Please create a separate task for different problems. Thanks! :)