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Create integrated GeoShapes + Wikidata Query service
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Kartotherian is now capable of retrieving outlines of geographical objects based on a list Wikidata IDs. This is great when the list of IDs is small and constant or easy to calculate by using wiki markup (example)

geoshape:///?ids=Q99,Q173,Q724,Q759,Q771,Q779,...  -- gets all US states as one topojson

Yet clearly it would be better to have a query-based service, where user would supply a SPARQL query (e.g. "get all US states, with their names and population"), and plot that as the result.

We should also consider how the proposed Wikidata Query pages would work with this capability (e.g. another parameter to get a list of data?)

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geoshape:///?sparql=SELECT%20...  (string after "#" in Wikidata Query Service)

The service will attach geoshapes for the first N items

Yurik claimed this task.

already done:<SPARQL>

@Yurik Excellent !
There is also, right?
We should provide some SPARQL query examples.