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The Discovery team would like to add links to the Wikipedia apps near the bottom of the portal page as this action will provide an introduction for our visitors who are interested in, or prefer to use, the platform-native mobile apps. Click here to view a sample mocked image that includes the app download badge for a mobile device.

This particular ticket is to describe a blocker, or other concern, raised by the community on the request for comment talk page about adding in wikipedia branded app badges onto the portal page.

Concern 1 & Concern 2 from talk page:
Are there plans to test the location of the app on the page and see where drives most engagement? I'd be interested to see if higher placement allowed for more app conversions, but we'd need data available to tell us if the user actually continues their search after download, either in the app or on the portal page.

Response from talk page:
We are finishing up a test of the portal page layout that condenses things a bit, so that the reader doesn't have to scroll down the page nearly as much. We have early indications that the results are positive as far as visitors clicking through with a search result or to another language. We hope that with the portal page being easier to navigate, that more visitors will see the sister project links as well as these new app download badges. Here's a link to that test if you'd like to see what we've accomplished so far.

If all continues to be positive about this recent page design test (we're still processing the data), we'd like to roll it into production and then add in the app download badges to see how well they perform. Since it's not likely that the same visitor will click on the app download badge (after they've already done it once), I don't think we need to test them on a small audience and I'd prefer rolling it out as a long term experiment or addition to the page.

Consideration for moving forward:
Investigate the placement of the app badges on the portal page and see if doing an A/B test of the display location affects downloads of the apps one way or another.

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( adding missing Wikimedia-Portals to Projects/Tags)

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I've created a new ticket to do a test (T137495) on adding links to the Wikipedia / Wikimedia apps on the portal page.

We'll go with the placement of the new links as noted in the mocks attached to T137495 (for the test) and then, based on the analysis that will be done in T146807, we'll see if moving the location of the app links is worth pursuing.

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With the comments below (from T135441) and the earlier comments in this ticket, I feel that the placement of the links on the portal page are good and viable and in a prominent enough position in order for our visitors to see them but not be overwhelmed by their presence. If clickthroughs drop off in the future, we can investigate changing the positioning on the portal page.

Based on the results the long term test (T135441) of the addition of the Wikipedia / Wikimedia app links to the portal page - all signs have shown that the addition of the links have been successful in aiding discovery for our visitors that there are mobile apps available for download.
The test results are calculated in T146807 for November and December 2016 for mobile and desktop devices as well as for iOS, Android and app page clickthroughs.
We've also had several calls to translate the text of the app links and now that the test has concluded, I've updated T154350, asking for translations to be added to translatewiki for these links, so that we can add them to the portal page (along with the other translations as described in T142582).
Since the app links will now be a permanent part of the portal page, we will also add them to the portal dashboard stats, as described in T154634.