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Community Liaisons' support to visual editor's rollout on Wikivoyages
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Offer the visual editor to all Wikivoyages except the Chinese Wikivoyage.

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Result: The Russian Wikivoyage expressed some concerns about how the visual editor interacted with their listing and geo templates. Some of the behaviors may be due to the local templates, because the matching templates do not produce the same display effects (e.g., {{listing}} at Russian Wikivoyage does not display normally with bullet points, but the same templates at the Spansh and English Wikivoyages show no problems).

As a result of this conversation, we dropped the Russian Wikivoyage from the list. The visual editor is now available to everyone at all Wikivoyages except Chinese (language variant/script issues) and Russian Wikivoyages.

It probably makes the most sense to talk to the Russian Wikivoyage again after T96710: Per-wiki customizable drop down menu for templates has been resolved.

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