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Change the 'userrights' requirement by 'passwordreset' in the PasswordReset extension
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The file for PasswordReset_body.php

To use the PasswordReset extension, you need the right 'userrights' (bureaucrats by default).
Please replace the 'userrights' right by the 'passwordreset' right because with the new $wgAddGroups and $wgRemoveGroups it is possible that users who should not have access to Special:PasswordReset, can have access to it.

See the attachment for the changed PasswordReset_body.php file, and also the extension credits in PasswordReset.php has to be changed:
'description'=>"Resets Wiki user's passwords - requires 'userrights' privileges",
'description'=>"Resets Wiki user's passwords - requires 'passwordreset' privileges",

Thank you, [[meta:User:SPQRobin]]

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Severity: enhancement

attachment PasswordReset_body.php ignored as obsolete



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The file for PasswordReset_body.php (new)

I saw 'wfMsgForContent' was used, while it's much better to use 'wfMsg', so I changed that in this new attachment.