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Meeting 11 - Fri 8 July 2016 - 12:30 UTC
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Date: 8 July 2016
Time: 12:30 UTC
Type: IRC (channel #gsoc-catimages)

Description: 11th meeting (Week 7) to discuss progress and inclusion of video copyright project and plan the final phase


  • Midterm Evaluation, Outcomes/Measurables:
    • Categorize based on metadata: in progress, needs to output categorization hints to console
    • Graphics detection code of catimages implemented and improved but not tested on a mixed/random set yet
      • has been tested now
  • Progress report from @AbdealiJK
  • Consensus on plan and timeline
    • @jayvdb and @DrTrigon need to define "categorization": accuracy, etc.
    • clean-up final tasks finish project (docu, test, bugfixes, etc) -> who will be future maintainer? AbdealiJK & DrTrigon ?
      • have a stable and reliable pypi package ("pypi-catimages"), dependencies, etc. which can be installed and runned easily by any user
      • fully working core bot script that has equivalent functionallity as old compat bot (bot should/must be able to add the proper category tags, e.g. for uncategorized files)
      • give a list of the features this package has and one of the features missing compared to old, and briefly explain why
      • provide more information for future contributors
      • have a docker for more experimental packages that are harder to install (and for win users in general?)
      • ...
  • News regarding beta-tests - how can we increase the number? (India Meeting? support for tool-labs needed now?)
  • video copyright project (jayvdb)
    • Brief status report (jayvdb)
    • we have to think about integrating it into this project (cross-language python and .NET)
    • after the MVP we will start to work together (hacking session, mettings/communication, etc.)
    • what can also be used in catimages/file-metadata

Minutes of the Meeting: