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[Bug] Reading list doesn't differentiate articles with the same title
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The latest Wikipedia Mobile app for Android (2.2.147-r-2016-06-06) does not seem to differentiate multiple articles with exactly the same title in reading lists.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open an article on the English Wikipedia and save it to a new reading list. In my case, I opened the article on "George Gershwin".
  2. Press Switch language and open a corresponding article with the same title on another language edition, e.g. "George Gershwin" on the Italian Wikipedia. Save it to the same reading list where you already saved the article in English.

Now, if you view the reading list, you will see two articles named "George Gershwin" with *both* of the article summaries in Italian. If you click the first item on the list, it will randomly open either the English or the Italian version. The next time you click on the same item, it will open the other language edition.

This way, especially if you have versions of the same article in more than two languages, it becomes very hard to find the right language edition among all the list items which look exactly the same and change collation order as you click on them. Preferably, the reading list could even show the code or the name of the language next to the article name.

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Screenshot_2016-07-02-09-27-30.png (1×720 px, 137 KB)
Here's a screenshot of a list where I added George Gershwin in English, German and Italian in that order. Notice the article summaries in Italian.

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