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Don't load models into memory on web workers
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The web workers don't actually use the model to do any scoring. Let's keep the metadata handy and ditch the actual models on the web nodes.

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Looking at this on my laptop with the wmflabs deploy config

model setuwsgicelery
half contexts disabled178MB153MB
no dam/gf models426MB675MB
10x enwiki_wp101126MB1487MB

I tried writing a little script to get a sense for how our models took up memory.

>>> import glob
>>> from revscoring import ScorerModel
>>> # RES Check 1
>>> from revscoring.languages import *
>>> from revscoring.languages import arabic, czech, dutch, english, estonian, french, german, hebrew, hungarian, indonesian, italian, norwegian, persian, polish, portuguese, spanish, swedish, russian, ukrainian, vietnamese
>>> # RES Check 2
>>> models = [ScorerModel.load(open(path)) for path in glob.glob("submodules/*/models/*.model")]
>>> # RES Check 3
>>> len(models)

RES memory checks:

  1. 58.932 MB
  2. 302.808 MB
  3. 1153.012 MB