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WLM Android application points to dead link
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By curiosity I wanted to check the status of good old WLM app.

If I read correctly, it uses as a backend, which was killed in 2013 (see links from T113275)

What shall we do from here?

  • Ask WMF ops to re-point to ToolLabs (I have a hunch that this won’t fly)
  • Change the backend URL in the app
  • Ignore this completely as the app is considered dead (?)

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JeanFred triaged this task as Lowest priority.Jul 5 2016, 8:13 PM

@JeanFred, thanks for flagging this. Does it make sense to have a dedicated app for WLM or should we look for ways to have a WLM upload option as part of an existing app, such as the Wikipedia app?

In general, it's good to have the option of upload via an app while keeping in mind that this option will be useful only for those monuments where we have the exact coordinates, as Lodewijk mentions on the list. I think it's worth to have a discussion with the WMF app team about maintaining the upload via app experience. This could bring a lot of users to the Wikipedia app which can be desirable for the team and it's an option that can work nicely with a feature such as Nearby, for example.

I remember @yuvipanda patching up the app to point to the right endpoint. Maybe that fork is somewhere else?

I wouldn't spend any more time on this app.

I wouldn't spend any more time on this app.


I wouldn't spend any more time on this app.


I can agree with the sentiment. My point was that I saw the app up on Fdroid, fired it up, and the main problem appears to be that it is pointing to If the only thing missing to make the app even vaguely useful again is to change that, then I’d look into it. If it’s more complicated, then sure let’s forget about it :)