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phab-01 and phab-03 to 04 returns a 502 error
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See T137270. The 502 error is returning again.

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phab-04 and phab-03 have been deleted as a cleanup, we now have phab-02 (run on phab-05) and phab-01.

I fixed it.

The problem was do to us adding role::phabricator::labs to phab-01 and didn't remove it causing it to add a file that was really meant for production.

Mentioned in SAL [2016-07-06T08:05:26Z] <paladox> Im logging that i fix T139444 by removing role role::phabricator::labs that we doint need for phab-01

So which role does phab-01 use instead? And a labs role installed a file that was meant for production?

@Dzahn when I re set up phab-01 it seems I left role::phabricator::labs on it. So I unticked the box now and shoulden be applied.

@Paladox, ok, yea, but does that mean it does not use any role at all now?

The role never worked due to dns not working in labs (carn't find dns phab-tin for scap) I installed everything manually.

Ok, so neither the "production" nor the "labs" role can be applied to any instance. I think the usefulness of these instances is limited if they are all manual and don't have much in common with the production setup.