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At the moment, every template rendering causes a request to the CMS Wiki, which will create performance problems when going live.

This is because the Twig_Loader_Chain expects an exception when a loader is asked for the cache key of a template which doesn't exist. At the moment this is "solved" by trying to load the page from the wiki in WMDE\Fundraising\Frontend\Presentation\Content\TwigPageLoader::getCacheKey which causes the request. We can't just simply remove the request because the the TwigPageLoader would simply grab all templates form the wiki and our file-based templates would be ignored.

So caching has to be introduced somewhere in the TwigPageLoader -> WikiContentProvider -> PageRetriever classes:

    • When adding the cache to TwigPageLoader, getCacheKey and isFresh must interact with the cache class, throwing the exception if necessary.
  • When adding the cache class to WikiContentProvider or PageRetriever, TwigPageLoader does not need to be modified, it will throw the exception if the content is empty.
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In my opinion, adding the cache to WikiContentProvider or PageRetriever would be the better option.

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I'll tackle this as part of Presumably going to create a caching decorator for PageRetriever (which is now implemented by WikiContentProvider)

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No longer needed, see T157560

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