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Get rid of @global in Special:Log/globalauth, use Special:CentralAuth/$1 instead
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Per description, to match with the new global rename logs.

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T47230, T91868, and T232432 are duplicates or related.

Not sure how this should be fixed. We can just use a LogFormatter to change the link dynamically and not change what is inserted into the database (the "@global" thing). Or we may change the target to Special:CentralAuth/$name (and dynamically fix links in the old entries using the LogFormatter) and make this consistent with global rename logs (as mentioned in some of the other tasks), but this breaks consistency with older entries and makes searching less intuitive.

Perhaps we should add a hook to the core that would allow extensions to eavesdrop on the target input field on Special:Log and possibly add more (log_namespace, log_title) pairs for searching. (I don't think we can use log_search for this.)