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Work with communities to understand how to handle question marks at the end of search queries
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This is a tracking task for my work In support of T133711: Question mark in query causes it to turn up unrelated search results

We (the search team) created a page on meta wiki describing in detail the situation regarding search queries that end in question marks.

We sent an invite out to a few of the top wikipedias (Those that our incredible volunteer translations were able to help with) on their Village Pumps.

A post to the public discovery and wikitech-l mailing list was sent on 7 July 2016:

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CKoerner_WMF updated the task description. (Show Details)

The discussion on this was small (but so is the potential impact of this change). Deb has updated the parent task with the team's next steps.


I'll help Deb will send out another update to the communities once engineering is done making the change in production.

This update is on the train now and will be released to the bigger wiki's on Thursday, Aug 4th.

For historical purposes the update was made and we let folks know via mailing list messages like this one: