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Notification page: Adjustment of blue dot alignment
Open, Needs TriagePublic


Below is @Pginer-WMF comment from T129366: List wikis and pages with unread notifications in the Notification Page left nav.

Blue dot alignment

The blue dot does not seem to be right-aligned with the timestamp at the bottom.
If we look at the distance to the edge of the notification, the blue dot is expected to be at 10px (or equivalent in EMs):

The timestamp position should be affected also by the 10px wide space around the notification item:

However, it seems that the current distances are 1em for the notification right padding (computed to ~14px), and 0.7em for the margin around the blue dot (~9px). Causing the slight misalignment. Ideally those should be the same distance in both cases (even if they are not exactly 10px).

The screenshot(added by @Etonkovidova) shows the present alignment of the blue dot: