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Sources with an archive template attached may end up getting blanked with the archive template
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In certain scenarios, when the bot tries alter a source that has archive template attached, instead of modifying it accordingly, it will end up blanking the source and the archive template entirely.

Because this is a highly disruptive bug, the bot has been disabled at the run page.

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Restricted Application added subscribers: Luke081515, TerraCodes. · View Herald TranscriptJul 8 2016, 6:43 AM

With all of the latest updates that have been put in, I have come to see that the DB is one confused mess right now. I'm going to need to some DB cleanup, and some fixes to work around in the code. But I'm still investigating the blanking. But there are more problems happening here than just blanking, that's likely resulting the bot getting internally confused.

On the other hand I might be able to fix this without having to do any DB cleanup. I think I figured out what is happening. Investigating some more.

I've made some general fixes. This is a case where the bot sees some conflicting data for a ref, and doesn't really know what to do with it, causing it to raise a flag. When the logic was overhauled in determining when the bot can safely touch a source, the logic for checking the flag was in the wrong spot, causing the flag to go ignored sometimes. I've fixed this little oversight of mine, however, with all the upgrades, it has received, some of the conditions that cause the flag to be raised, should be handleable by the bot now, so that will be something I will look into a bit more closely.

The immediate problem seems to be fixed. I will look into getting the bot to better understand confusing data, in the future.

Cyberpower678 closed this task as Resolved.Jul 10 2016, 5:09 PM