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Log whether a CX translation was initiated via GapFinder
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When we forward people from GapFinder to the CX tool, we currently append the following query parameter the URL: campaign=article-recommender-1. In order for us the measure how many translations get started via our tool, we need CX to log this campaign parameter when a new translation is initiated.

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Hey @santhosh , I just wanted to double check with you that this is not already happening. Also, if not, what process do you suggest for adding this logging?

This is already happening.
I just ran the query too.

select count(uuid) from ContentTranslationCTA_11616099 where timestamp > 20160201000000 and event_cta = 'article-recommender-1' 



Is there a way to link events from log.ContentTranslationCTA_11616099 to wikishared.cx_translations. At a high level, I want to see which individual translations where started from our tool.

On a related note, I would like to see which individual translations were started via the suggestions feature (i.e. where campaign=suggestions-type-5)