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Phlogiston can learn about new projects in a scope without manual updating.
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As a team ScrumMaster or Product Owner, I would like Phlogiston to automatically learn about new projects to include in scope of reporting for my team, so that I don't have to keep Phlogiston manually up to date.

Solution Design A:
Create all projects for a team with a consistent naming convention and specify a wildcard in the scope file.

Solution Design B:
The project description of Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog has a list of projects that Phlogiston should track. As a project is created, it is documented there, and then added to scope and recat files. This is a lossy and manual process. Ideally, Phlogiston would run a script that would understand when that list is added to, and start tracking that project. In the current implementation, that would mean scraping the Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog project description for text (such as starting with "#"). I can envision a better solution wherein the projects being tracked are subprojects and milestones of Wikipedia-iOS-App-Backlog , which would theoretically make it easier for Phlog to find.

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@MBinder_WMF: If Phlogiston's configuration accepted wildcards, such as "Wikipedia-iOS-App-*", would that adequately solve the problem? I think that's a lot simpler to build and make reliable than finding and scraping (and auto-scraping) a Phabricator project page. It would require teams to be more consistent and stable in naming conventions than I have observed to date.

Judged lower-priority than the Phate of Phlogiston tasks and so removed from the Team-Practices backlog. @MBinder_WMF, is this okay or are these higher priority?

@JAufrecht Not a high priority. I think wildcards is an acceptable solution. For now, I control the project naming convention. In the future, the solution may be Milestone-oriented. See discussion at T138975: Migrating projects to subprojects for Apps teams

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After evaluating T119025, please indicate if that satisfies this use case as well.

bumping to see if it can be closed

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