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Wikidata Entity datatype
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I'd want to use a "Wikibase entity" datatype to templatedatas. "Page" dataype is not enough for Qids or Pids, so we have to choose something else, like free text who is not appropriate either

There is several ways to enter an entity value ; the Mediawiki way as "Namespace:Pagename", the web URI as in "" or the web URI of the wikipage of the entity "" (more easily copy/pasting possible) or the same in Mediawiki space address [[:d:P:31]].

Some of my templates like' can use all of them.

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I think this is at the same time too specific and also too general. Supporting all three of "1" and "Q1" and "" seems like a terrible idea, particularly if "12xx34" is magically meant to be allowed but not break things. There's already T69659: TemplateData: TemplateData should have a parameter to support Wikidata for linking a parameter to its equivalent property value on Wikidata, but I don't think that that's what you want, right?

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