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Vagrant and NFS are not always the best of friends [tracking]
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MediaWiki-Vagrant uses NFS shares by default because it was found to have better performance when tested several years ago. A large number of reported bugs with MediaWiki-Vagrant installs however can be traced to NFS server or client problems. The quick fix for these issues when using the default VirtualBox provider is to run vagrant config nfs_shares no; vagrant reload to disable NFS.

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Should we disable this by default? Is there a reason to enable nfs since it doesn't seem necessary?

Should we disable this by default? Is there a reason to enable nfs since it doesn't seem necessary?

It was originally done based on performance measurements both @ori and I took comparing native VirtualBox shares against NFS shares on our laptops (both were OSX 10.10 I believe). That being said, I turned off NFS share usage on my laptop well over a year ago because I got tired of dealing with NFS server hiccups and other occasional problems. I'd be willing to switch the default back to provider native sharing and leave dealing with NFS to those who choose to do so.

For what it's worth, I've had 3 laptops I've installed this on (all various Ubuntu versions) and I've had to turn it off on all 3 configurations/machines. :D

+1 for turning it off by default.

Change 342559 merged by jenkins-bot:
[mediawiki/vagrant@master] Disable NFS on OSX by default

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Change 470942 had a related patch set uploaded (by GTirloni; owner: GTirloni):
[mediawiki/vagrant@master] Disable NFS on Linux by default

I think we should disable NFS on Linux as well and for the same reasons it was disabled on OSX, so I've submitted the change above.

Tested on: Fedora 29, VirtualBox 5.2.20, vagrant 2.2.0

Having NFS off by default seems OK but I'd like to improve the discoverability of switching it on. I re-installed Vagrant not long ago and forgot to switch it on, and install, enabling roles, and page views were all incredibly slow (page views ~20-30 seconds). With NFS, page views are ~2 seconds and enabling roles is much faster.

My suggestions:

  1. update the page to highlight the performance gains of NFS
  2. Add a prompt to ./ to enable NFS shares (default answer of no, but make it easy for users to switch it on)

I've had my share of NFS induced headaches before so I understand the hesitance to give it too much prominence, but for me anyway, without NFS, the delays in page loads made the Vagrant environment painful to use. With NFS, all is well.

Change 470942 abandoned by GTirloni:
Disable NFS on Linux by default

No time in the foreseeable future to work on this.