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Category/description warnings mandatory without clear instructions
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, UploadWizard correctly serves me with some warnings because I forgot some categories. What's unclear is that the warning seems a mere label (black on white) and only says "recommended", but it seems to block uploading; the error message at the end also seems to count something more (37 vs. 30 categories missing?).

P.s.: I would have left this at [[Commons:UploadWizard feedback]] given it's mostly a question, but we're told to use this for questions and comments too...

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The culprit seems to be "Una delle categorie manca di una pagina di descrizione. Sei sicuro di aver digitato correttamente il nome?" which is again black on white, doesn't even look like a warning. I guess the bug is that I already created that category after adding it but UploadWizard didn't realise (it's still shown in red too)?

I replaced those categories with some random ones and I was able to complete the upload. I'll have to readd the rejected categories after upload...

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That is a warning, and not an error (that's why it doesn't have strong styles), and does not stop users from uploading (a popup appears asking for confirmation). However, you have hidden all OOjs UI dialogs in, so you never see the dialog and can't confirm it.

I confirm the workaround (creating the categories before adding them in the wizard) worked in the next upload.