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Add "info" URL to campaign data so that we can link to campaign page
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We probably want to add a "info_url" field to campaign. See

We'll want to display that link in

It should probably look like "<campaign name> (<a href="...">more info</a>)" in the campaign list.

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How is the schema file versioned/managed? Is it intended to be able to be run as-is with the actions being idempotent? Or is it meant for creating the schema from scratch every time?

Basically, should I add a column in the CREATE clause, or add an ALTER statement?

idempotent unless it is extremely painful to do so. Right now, I don't think it would be reasonable to start filling the schema.sql script with ALTER, so I'm partial to (1) updating schema.sql and (2) writing a specific maintenance script to run the ALTER.

I should note that, we've never done any meaningful schema changes, so we're still figuring this one out as we go.

Merged. Waiting on PR for UI components.