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Conduct iOS feeds longitudinal study
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Conduct a 10-day observational study on a specialty iOS build to observe the engagement patterns of users who encounter the Explore page.

Assess the efficacy of the Feed in promoting ‘engaged browsing' behaviour from our users; and how does this in turn affects app stickiness over time.

Definition of ‘Engaged browsing’:
Users who arrive at Wikipedia to read through more than one article for an extended period of time rather than a quick fact look up.

Relation to core user stories:
Users may begin a period of ‘engaged browsing’ with or without a specific goal. That is, they may begin with a subject in mind they wish to explore in-depth (aka “The Full Lookup” user-story), or they have no specific search goal but are motivated to browse to quell boredom (aka “The Wikiwander” user story).

Research Questions

  • How often do users open the app for the purpose of goal-driven look up vs ‘exploratory’ engaged browsing?
  • What aspects of the Feed did they find helped/detracted from the browsing experience?
  • Are there other ways besides using the Feed that users preferred for engaged browsing?
  • Are there other similar reference/reading applications they use which they find to be better? And why?
  • What makes it worth it to go to the app specifically instead of googling and going to mobile web / desktop?
  • To what extent does the use Feed relate to users returning to the application over the course of 7 days?
  • Are there any differences in browsing behaviour between first time users and ‘experienced’ users who have had the app for over 2 weeks and used it multiple times?

Primarily the Reading iOS team, but findings are likely to translate across all platforms on Reading.

Primary device is an iOS phone or tablet
Regularly use Wikipedia
Comparison between first time users and those who have installed, used and kept the iOS app for over two weeks (aim for minimum 5 participants per group)


  • In-context study user behaviour of the Wikipedia iOS app over the course of a week.
  • Since the goal is to observe and analyse ‘in the wild’ browsing behaviour over the course of a week outside of a lab environment, it would be crucial to be able to passively capture users’ behaviour each time they used the application through the course of the study.
  • Record usage each time users engage with the application and observe how they do or don’t utilise the Feed in progressive sessions.
  • Obtain data on frequency, length of sessions, paths throughout sessions observed
  • Potentially also include a survey/questionnaire at the conclusion (and during?) the week with research questions outlined above
  • Analyse for patterns across participants as the week progresses

Note that all of these needs have been vetted by legal, and participants will have to opt in to participate.