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Hay's Tools Directory ( has tags, which is a great feature that should be added to the official tool list at We could improve on the idea by making the tags publicly editable rather than requiring the tool authors to set their own tags.

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I don't think that is the right place for this in the long term, but making meta data about tools versioned and editable is one of the projects on the roadmap for Tool Labs.

I haven't written down a comprehensive plan for this feature yet, but there are some notes in T128158#2113936. Generally I want to make an editing interface and storage system for toolinfo.json style metadata, require some of that data to be populated at the time that a Tool is created, and allow some of the data (like tags) to be edited by arbitrary users. The primary storage for the data will probably end up being a mysql database somewhere, but the data should also be indexed using Elasticsearch and available for Tool Labs users to search and create frontend applications around.

The editing interface will be part of Striker. That app will be able to require authentication to control which fields can be edited by the public and which can only be edited by the tool's maintainers. It will also be able to provide some sort of revision history and rollback support to undo malicious edits.

See also T115650: Create an authoritative and well promoted catalog of Wikimedia tools

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