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ChemDoodle web components - Licensing issues
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In their README.txt, under section attribution, they demand:
"If you use ChemDoodle Web Components in your website or product, we request that you provide a link on your site to and/or When using the SketcherCanvas component, you are not allowed to remove any of our links or logos."

The following sentence is about service. Maybe, the whole attribution section is only required if some kind of support/service is wanted/called. The issue with the quoted sentences is that they are supposed to void GPL.



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Rillke wrote on 2014-04-28 06:36:21 (UTC)

Also note

Rillke wrote on 2014-04-28 07:02:19 (UTC)

Comments about ?

bd808 wrote on 2014-04-28 15:32:42 (UTC)

Assuming that WMF Legal agrees this sounds ok to me. The idea would need to be vetted by legal before being discussed with ChemDoodle I think.

Rillke wrote on 2014-04-28 16:18:20 (UTC)

During the video conference, we agreed that, if time is an issue, only a viewer for molfiles is due for a minimum viable product.

Such a viewer could be JSmol (LGPLv2). Another way would be asking GGA to release their "Ketcher" under GPL instead of AGPL.

However, in IRC there was the suggestion making an offer to ChemDoodle they cannot resist. This offer would have to be signed by the WMF legal team but it could be like this:

  • ChemDoodle explicitly agrees to GPL without any further restrictions (private letter to WMF legal)
  • In return they can advertise with the fact that their Component is used by WMF/Wikipedia

A similar model seemed to have been negotiated with where WMF got free tests and they were allowed to advertise with Wikipedia.

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