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With some accounts but not others, API throws badsession error on OAuth options update
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In the Wiki Ed dashboard OAuth app, I'm adding the ability for the app to update user preferences, setting VisualEditor-related settings to match our training materials and documentation by enabling multi-tab and disabling the welcoming and user education flags.

I got this working locally, but when I deployed to staging, I discovered that is only works for some users. When I try to set the options — action=options&change=visualeditor-editor=visualeditor|visualeditor-hidebetawelcome=1|visualeditor-hideusered=1|visualeditor-tabs=multi-tab, I get options: success back for users Ragesock (which was created in 2007) and Ragesoss (2005), but when I try with users Sage (Wiki Ed) (2014) or Ragetest 14 (2015), I always the badsession error. Other OAuth API actions, such as page edits, work fine for these users; only the options action fails.

I can replicate this locally as well; it always works for Ragesock, but never for Ragetest 14.

(Not sure where exactly this problem comes from, so I tagged a few possible projects.)

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The only thing I see that returns a "badsession" error is ApiCentralAuthToken (action=centralauthtoken), which can't be used at all in conjunction with OAuth.

It looks to me like this is basically the same Echo bug as T119736#2451527. Particularly since I note that Ragesock and Ragesoss currently wind up with $potentialWikis empty in MWEchoNotifUser::getForeignData() and therefore the call to EchoForeignNotifications::getApiEndpoints( $this->wikis ) in EchoForeignWikiRequest::getRequestParams() will return empty, so it will never make the call at line #5 in the stacktrace quoted in that comment, while Sage (Wiki Ed) and Ragetest 14 currently have a non-empty $potentialWikis.

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I haven't had the error again since the fix went live, and it hasn't showed up in Wiki Ed production. Thanks all!

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