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Subtitles of Commons video not shown on Wikipedias
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Captions for videos are currently not displaying on Wikipedia across all languages, however they do display on Wikimedia Commons. This was previously an issue 1 month ago and was resolved, but it appears to be happening again. See:

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If you navigate to and click on the Pneumonia video on the right-hand side, then turn on subtitles for any language, you'll see the subtitles do not enable.

This was previously an issue 1 month ago and was resolved

How was this resolved? Link very welcome. T122737 is still open. (I marked this as a duplicate, like T136616 which is also marked as a duplicate.)

Oh, my mistake. I didn't realize T136616 was closed as it was a duplicate and merged with T122737. I guess it never was resolved. My mistake!

Apologies for the additional Phabricator task. I'll monitor T122737 going forward.

No worries! Thanks for clarifying, and I'm sorry this isn't fixed yet. :-/