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<maplink> and/or <mapframe>: introduction of a user-set count numbers or texts
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Now, on a map only symbol markers like museums etc. and markers with auto-counted numbers are shown. At Wikivoyage/de we need also user-set numbers and texts written on the markers. This is mainly for backward compatibility.

GeoJSON properties must be extended by an additional marker-symbol attribute like "-user" and a new property like "marker-text". User-set numbers and letters must be analyzed to prevent these values from auto-counters.

This task was mentioned at Community-Wishlist-Survey-2017 (, which got the No.1 out of 214 proposals.

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Do you mean showing a specific number or a letter on a marker? You can do it with "marker-symbol":"h" (letter) or "10" (number) without any modifications. Or do you mean something else?

Yes, I think about "marker-symbol":"h", "marker-symbol":"h5", "marker-symbol":"2a" or "marker-symbol":"25". It is not yet working. An error message occurs. The usage of user-specified values is not specified in the extension description/help, too.

Error message
<mapframe>: Der JSON-Inhalt ist kein gültiges GeoJSON+simplestyle
Translated: <mapframe>: JSON content isn't a valid GeoJSON+simplestyle

MaxSem renamed this task from <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: introduction of a uset-set count numbers or texts to <maplink> and/or <mapframe>: introduction of a user-set count numbers or texts.Jul 16 2016, 9:44 PM

T141335#2497952 is an argument to not decline this task as no-one is against implementing and fixing this task.

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I really thing we can't do this for the reasons outlined in T141335#8165184. While it's possible to increase the range of allowed numbers to e.g. 199 or even 999 this here is another story. Considering what's discussed in T141335 I assume we would need to add support for "A1" to "Z999". These are about 26,000 additional .png files, adding up to probably 1 GB. Allowing actual text labels would made these numbers explode even more. That's not feasable with the current architecture.