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Enable Merge gadget as default
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Today there are still a lot of uncompleted merges, I think it will help a lot if the merge gadget was enabled as default. There are a few questions:

  • Enabled as default for all users (including anonymous users)?
  • Does the code have a big impact on the loading speed?
  • How many wrong merges can we expect compared to the current situation?

The gadget was recently rewritten to OOjs, but could use a review.

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This is not that important, but should be considered

Izno raised the priority of this task from Low to Needs Triage.Jul 27 2017, 3:45 AM
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@PokestarFan Please stop triaging issues. You are being disruptive.

I do not see now any objection to do it. Very useful and well done tool

I am dealing with undoing a lot of bad merges where people merge two items that have little to do with each other, like item for painting of a person with the item for a person, etc. Before we make it even easier for new users to merge, we should get a system in place for easy unmerging. See T237262 .