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Author: le.korrigan

Currently, [[Special:Listusers]] gives a link to all user pages. I would be useful if there were links to the user talk page, its contributions, and possibly its block log or actions' log.

This would also allow to check whether the user talk page has been created (blue / red) and whether the user had made any contributions (contributions link blue / red, as on [[Special:Log/newuser]]). Thanks.

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Severity: enhancement

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Apart from talk: I don't think the other ones would really add that much benefit apart from adding clutter to the page, Since it is mostly just used as a list of users (that can be targeted down to user group).

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johnnorro wrote:

Patch for SpecialListusers.php

Here's a patch to show a link to a users talk page.

Attached: SpecialListusers.php.patch

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sumanah wrote:

Thanks for the patch, John N! Sorry for the delay in response. We'll try to get a reviewer to look at it soon. (Many code reviewers have been a bit swamped trying to finish reviewing MediaWiki 1.19 so we can deploy it to Wikimedia sites this month.) Thanks again!

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Thanks for the patch John :-)

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