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Namespace is repeated in notification link
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I am using Newsletter 1.26+47b66b1 with Echo 1.26+401ba91 on MediaWiki 1.26.3.
When I send a newsletter using a namespaced page name, the namespace is added twice in the link.
For example, if my page is Foo:Bar, it will link to Foo:Foo:Bar.

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This seems to be fixed on the 1_27 branch.

@01tonythomas: Can you confirm / do you know? ^

These issues are addressed in our latest change of shifting to Contenthandler ( ). The same is pulled in and I can see that the error reported is fixed neatly there.

I just checked the same on the master branch too, and it seems fixed there too.

@01tonythomas: So would you like to resolve this task or not?

@01tonythomas: Would you like to resolve this task or not?

Qgil claimed this task.

Heh. Sorry for being the late guy here. This task will get resolved only once our contenthandler patch gets merged :)

Qgil removed Qgil as the assignee of this task.Aug 25 2016, 1:12 PM
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btw, I need to know if this bug still exists. Can somebody give it a test run ?

I can still reproduce on the REL1_26 branch.

I can still reproduce on the REL1_26 branch.

Alright. Thank you. I would love this to be tested in master too, as I merged the contenthandler changesets yesterday. Once that change go deep, we might've to even drop all the existing newsletters.

@01tonythomas @Rudloff @Aklapper I cant recreate this. When i make new announce to "Foo:bar" it links correctly to "Foo:bar". I'm using master branch.

I can't reproduce anymore with 1.28+88234fa.

So i think this is not valid GCI task

FlipGCI, can you attach two screenshots (one with your announce form, and the other with the Echo notificaiton) ?

01tonythomas claimed this task.

Nice. Happy that it got fixed. Would've been fixed during the contenthandler migration