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Launch Open Notebooks Infrastructure
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Epic card to collect tasks in preparation for the official launch of PAWS in Q1-2017.

Subtasks (as of 08/26/16)

  • Yuvi: add or link Phab card on hardware procurement/installation
  • Yuvi: Landing page overhaul (ask Melodie?)
  • Yuvi/Dario: What minimum end-user documentation is needed before the announcement?
  • Dario: coordinate NB production from Research in September (Ellery, Aaron, Jonathan, Brian K)
  • Dario: heads up to Jeff/Juliet in Comms
  • Dario: talk to Mark about Jaime's availability in September (hardware procurement/installation (2-3 weeks?) -> Database configuration (??) -> PAWS migration (1 day))
  • Yuvi: Build immutable publishing! (not a blocker for the announcement)
  • Yuvi: buiild operational dashboard (not a blocker for the announcement)
  • Yuvi: build usage metrics dashboard (not a blocker for the announcement)
  • Dario: explore DOI support with Crossref once immutable publication is implemented (not a blocker for the announcement)

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DarTar updated the task description. (Show Details)
DarTar updated the task description. (Show Details)

@DarTar @yuvipanda Saw your meeting notes--thanks for posting. Do y'all want some help with end-user documentation for PAWS? I've put together a couple of instructional notebooks (see here and here) and I would be happy to put together a 'getting started with PAWS' notebook that covered the basics, or help with documentation on WikiTech.

@Capt_Swing if you have a few cycles to help with this, it'd be awesome. It would also be worth coordinating doc work with the (separate) task of figuring out what goes on the landing page.

@yuvipanda said he's going to create subtasks for this so once we have one for docs work we can start scoping it out.

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It's been lauched a few years. This task seems no longer useful to anyone.